Company Statement

Vision Statement

Providing Just the Right Amount of IT® (For Your Business).

Mission Statement

From the vision, we find the mission. Mission statements tell us how we will execute the vision. We have broken this down into four components:

We will achieve our vision by focusing on four areas in our business.

  • P – Proactive – Learning from our client’s needs, we remain proactive in determining what direction technology is moving and implementing technology solutions at just the right time.
  • L – Learning – We are a continuous learning organization. We stay current on technology, always scanning for improved solutions or new technologies on the horizon. We want to help our clients choose the best long-term solutions and prevent mid-course corrections. We test new technologies to ensure they work for us and will work for our clients. We continue to stay certified in important areas and take continuing education courses as needed. We insist on educating our clients so they can make the best decisions.
  • A – Analysis – By providing a Needs & Wants Analysis, we determine what the client has in place currently, determine what the company wishes to do, and what budget is in place. From this information, we determine what the client needs and recommend the best possible solution(s) for the business.
  • N – Network – We choose our vendors by selecting those who can assist in achieving our vision. We base our selection of vendors on reliability, level of accommodation, and recommendations. We test our vendors to ensure they can do what they say they can do. Our vendors must be solution-focused and communicate with Your Computer Guy and with our clients to ensure a seamless and consistent message.