Janette Groth

We first were informed of Dave O’Keefe, Your Computer Guy, through another medical office. After experiencing a year of ongoing computer issues that constantly interrupted the office and productivity, we hired Your Computer Guy for their Network Management Service. With this service, YCG backs up all of the office data so there is no concern over lost records. When there are any computer problems, they are always a phone call away, or their website allows you to place a service ticket online to which they are very responsive, and we only pay a fixed monthly rate. YCG remotely accesses the computers so that whatever issue we are experiencing is resolved quickly and efficiently. As a small company, their service is affordable, and definitely one of the best decisions we have made. We no longer have to worry about computer “down-time” or if our computers are current or protected. Having Your Computer Guy is a great peace of mind and has contributed tremendously to the offices’ productivity. His knowledge and expertise have been well appreciated when computer and computer software purchasing decisions need to be made, and his professionalism is unsurpassed! I highly recommend Your Computer Guy for any size business!

Janette A. Groth, Site Director
Janus Center for Psychiatric Research
West Palm Beach, FL