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Share Microsoft® Outlook® calendar, contact and task information with OfficeCalendar™

OfficeCalendar is a computer software program that is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server®. OfficeCalendar allows its' users to share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact, and task information with other Microsoft Outlook users on a computer network. OfficeCalendar makes Outlook calendar sharing and group scheduling easy and affordable with its' group calendar view because it does not require Microsoft's Exchange Server, which is considered too expensive and too complicated for small businesses.

OfficeCalendar - Wellington, Palm Beach County

OfficeCalendar is easy to install, setup, and use; and offers a highly cost effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for Microsoft Outlook calendar sharing. Whether you have a computer dedicated as a network server or a basic Windows-based peer-to-peer network, OfficeCalendar can easily be installed and used in your office.

Once setup, OfficeCalendar allows you to share and interact with Microsoft Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks that are stored in your colleague's Outlook Personal Folders right from within your own copy of Outlook. OfficeCalendar gives you shared calendar and group calendar software functionality from within the software interface you already know and are familiar with: Outlook. Plus, there's no need to purchase additional computer hardware or expensive server software to make it work. Everything you need to share Microsoft Outlook calendars, create an Outlook group calendar, and setup inter-office calendar sharing security, and more is included in our software application. All you need is a copy of Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher on each user's computer that wishes to share their Outlook calendar, contact, and task information; and a Windows-based computer network.

OfficeCalendar - Wellington, Palm Beach County

With OfficeCalendar you can:

  • Share Outlook Calendars
  • Create a consolidated Outlook group calendar for everyone in your office
  • Share Outlook Contacts
  • Share Outlook Tasks
  • Define Outlook calendar sharing security

Share Outlook Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks remotely over the Internet

Also, with OfficeCalendar you can share Outlook calendar, contact, and task information while working remotely over an Internet connection. OfficeCalendar's unique .NET technology makes it easy for employees working from home, remote offices, or traveling out of town to connect to your office's central OfficeCalendar server to send and receive updates as often as they like.

OfficeCalendar - Wellington, Palm Beach County

Laptop users can enjoy the freedom of working from home or on the road and can still share Outlook calendar, contact, and task information with their colleagues; even when they are not connected to the office network or the Internet with OfficeCalendar. Because OfficeCalendar stores shared calendar, contact, and task information in each users' Outlook personal folder database (PST) it's always available to view and edit.

OfficeCalendar - Wellington, Palm Beach County

OfficeCalendar is trademark of Lookout Software, LTD. Microsoft, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange Server are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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