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Introducing Snow Leopard Server.

Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard is a powerful 64-bit server operating system with new features and applications that make it easier for everyone in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information.

With Mac OS X Server, users can effortlessly share files, schedule meetings and events, exchange instant messages, send and receive mail on the Internet, access the organization’s network remotely, publish podcasts, and host websites, wikis, and blogs. And Snow Leopard Server is up to twice as fast as its predecessor, improving performance for file sharing, mail, web hosting, and more.

Key features of the Snow Leopard Server include:

  • Simplified administration – Quickly manage users, groups, and services from anywhere on your network, and easily monitor your server with the Server Status Dashboard widget.
  • iCal Server 2 – Share calendars, coordinate events, and schedule meetings within a workgroup, a small business, or a large corporation.
  • Address Book Server – Based on CardDAV, Address Book Server lets you synchronize and access contacts across multiple computers.
  • Podcast Producer 2 – Capture, encode, publish, and distribute podcasts with ease—perfect for employee training, university lectures, presentations, and more.
  • Wiki Server 2 – Create your own wiki-powered website to easily collaborate and communicate within your group. Use your iPhone to securely log in to view confidential wikis and content.
  • Mobile Access Server – Ensure secure remote access to your business network from anywhere. Use your organization’s existing directory service for authentication—no extra client software required.

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